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Basmati Rice Exporter

Being Leading Long Grain Basmati Rice Exporter we are the expression of reliability and quality in the world of Basmati rice exports. Our journey is defined by a legacy of trust and a dedication to sourcing and delivering the finest Basmati rice.

Global Demand for Export of Basmati Rice

 Permium Export Quality

First and foremost is the unique and enticing aroma, delicate flavor, and long, slender grains that distinguish Basmati rice from other rice varieties. Food enthusiasts and chefs worldwide have embraced its exceptional quality, making it a sought-after choice for a wide range of culinary creations.

Dynamic Growth of its Export Market

Second the most significant reason behind the increased global demand for Basmati rice in recent years is the dynamic growth of its export market. Basmati rice-producing countries, primarily India and Pakistan, have recognized the immense potential of this premium rice variety on the international stage. They have strategically focused on expanding their export efforts, forging new trade agreements, and investing in modern processing and packaging facilities.

Accessibility and Quality Control Measures

This concerted push to promote Basmati rice in global markets has made it more accessible to consumers across the world. Moreover, stringent quality control measures have been implemented to ensure that Basmati rice consistently meets the high standards that have made it famous. This growing availability and reliability have bolstered consumer confidence in Basmati rice, further fueling its global demand. As a result, Basmati rice has emerged as a prized culinary gem that continues to enchant taste buds worldwide.


Types of Basmati Rice

Sella Basmati

Raw Basmati Rice

Steam Basmati

Branding, Packing & Shipping

  • MOQ: 5000 Ton
  • Payment term: LC & TT
  • Packaging Type : Jute bag, PP bag, Non-woven bag or as per buyer’s demand
  • Shape: elongated
  • Maturity: 100%
  • Grade: Premium Quality
  • Avg. Lenght: 8mm

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